Polotsk meets Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs on Written Language Day

Polotsk meets Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs on Written Language Day

The first days of golden autumn in Belarus were remarkable thanks to three significant events held at the same time. They are Written Language Day, Day of Book Printing and the 1155th anniversary of the legendary town of Polotsk.CTV Channel together with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus presented Belarusian songs to all the citizens and guests of the celebration.What’s more, everyone who came to the town had a chance to visit “Polotsk In Miniature” exhibition, to enjoy delicious Belarusian meals and to meet with famous Belarusian poets at a book exhibition.

The evening culminated in a festive concert.

Pavel Korenevsky, Deputy Director General of ZAO Stolichnoe Televidenie:
Despite the rainy weather (moreover, the rain was really pouring by the end of the concert) there were no free seats at our concert. This time Polotsk welcomed us so warmly, so friendly! This is the fourth concert of Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs project in Belarus. Each concert is notable for its unique theme and songs are always different. For the concert in Polotsk, we prepared a program dedicated to the 500th anniversary of book printing in Belarus. The lyrics of every song were written by the classics of Belarusian poetry.

Polotsk is not the first town to meet the CTV channel’s “Golden collection”.Art group “Belarusians”, Jadwiga Poplavskaja, Irina Dorofeeva, Valery Skorozhonok, Victoria Aleshko, Iskui Abalyan and many other star participants got together on the big stage in the city center. The concert was opened by a famous singer Leonid Bortkevich.

Leonid Bortkevich, singer:
Polotsk has been a well-known town to me for a long time. It is the cradle of Belarusian culture. Today, I have a good festive mood and I'm sure that the concert will be a success. I will perform the song "Moi rodnyi kut"(My Dear Land), the music for which was composed by I. Luchenok and the lyrics were written by the classic of Belarusian poetry Yakub Kolas. I believe that this is the best song, since it was created the genius of our Belarusian culture.

Every song during the evening was absolutely unique and amazing.

It is interesting that the texts were dedicated not only to Belarus, but also to Polotsk.The last song of the unusual concert was performed by Jadwiga Poplavskaja, so long-awaited and so much loved by the audience.

Jadwiga Poplavskaja, a National Artist of Belarus:
Polotsk is one of my favorite towns. Moreover, it has become even more beautiful over time. I remember very well the celebration of Dozhinki here. It was so exciting. I can’t help but notice that over time the town has been changing for the better. I can see very well how much people love their town, how they take care of it, how they value and cherish their home city. And it is very symbolic that this year the Written Language day is celebrated here.

Polotsk is a city with a rich history and ancient culture. And today, thanks to this event, the city and the guests of the holiday were enriched spiritually.

The public met each artist, sincerely and with great respect and warmth, even bad weather could not hamper them.

Tamara Andreevna, a resident of Novopolotsk:
The mood is excellent. The city is more and more thriving with every passing year, which makes people really happy. I am a participant of the veterans’ chorus. Yesterday I myself stood on stage, and today I am here as a spectator. I’m looking forward to seeing my favorite artists, whom I know and whom I love. I strongly believe that rainy weather is not able to hamper the holiday.

After Polotsk the project "Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs" continues its tour around Belarus to celebrate Written Language Day in Ivanovo, Brest region and other towns of Belarus.