'Perfect skyscraper' built in vulica Kastryčnickaja, Minsk


'Perfect skyscraper' built in vulica Kastryčnickaja, Minsk

Walking along vulica Kastryčnickaja (Oktyabrskaya Street) in Minsk, you can notice an unusual construction. It's the perfect skyscraper. Named so by the authors of the project - young architects Ilya and Anastasia - it is meant to diversify the urban space, to bring something new and useful in it.

The architects decided to erect an unusual structure long time ago, but only now they were able to translate the idea into reality. The construction involved 40 people - volunteers, friends and just indifferent passers-by.

The 'ideal skyscraper' is a six-meter open structure, which consists of 66 wooden modules. The building, more like an art object, is multifunctional.

It houses a bar, a place for relaxation, a compartment for bookcrossing and even a small vegetable garden.

If your mobile phone dies, you can charge it here easily. Here they have special connectors, which work from solar panels.

In the future, the guys plan to equip the gallery on the second floor, where artists can exhibit their works.

In addition, the facade will be adorned with vine in the future. Also, there will be a staircase, a parking for bicycles and a ramp for people with disabilities.

The ideal skyscraper project is completely social and non-commercial. Everyone can come here to take a photo or just socialize.

The enterprising architects plan to create in Minsk an "ideal vegetable garden" and an "ideal mini-park", where people can rest, meditate and grow plants...