Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs concert held in Polotsk on Written Language Day

Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs concert held in Polotsk on Written Language Day

The Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs came to the tsardom that is ancient but stays forever young, to the cradle of saints and sacred things, to the town where I was born through the Lord’s will…

Maybe that’s exactly what first Belarusian book printer Francysk Skaryna would write about this song festival.

Now all that is left for us to do is to thank him for enlightenment and to celebrate the Day of Belarussian Written Language and Book-printing in Polotsk. The CTV Channel did hard work to achieve this goal.

Entertainers and dancing bands held rehearsals both on stage and behind the scenes. While the singers warmed up, others hurried to update TV viewers on the latest news. Despite it was raining, the citizens of Polotsk and the guests of the first cultural capital of Belarus came even to rehearsals, let alone the concert itself.

To tell the truth, we had a strong desire to break into a dance and start singing along with wonderful native songs. Sometimes it’s so hard to control yourself…

Poetry inspires music and songs are born as a result. Lots of poems by Belarusian authors leaped from the book pages and sounded during the concert wrapped into wonderful music.

The concert showed new versions of Belarusian classic songs and new approaches to arrangement. Polotsk heard new compositions that will replenish the heritage of Belarusian songs.

“Oh, Belarus, My Rose”, “The Heritage”, “I Love You, Belarus” and other songs about Belarus, Euphrosyne of Polotsk, the saint enlightener, about the culture of the country… As a Belarusian poet Hienadz Buraukin said once: “What is the reason to sing if you don’t sing about the Motherland?”

If you couldn’t visit the wonderful concert in Polotsk, you can watch the TV version on September 7 at 8:15 PM (Belarus time). Don’t miss out! It’s even better to come to Grodno or Maladzyechna where the Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs will continue its musical journey. Buy tickets in order to listen the lyrical sound of Belarusian language!

See full schedule of upcoming concerts here.

The TV version of the concert in Polotsk is attached to this article.