National Airport Minsk limits parking near airport building


National Airport Minsk limits parking near airport building

It could be economic news, but the National Airport Minsk says the changes are explained by security requirements.

We are talking about the new rules of ground movement near at the main airport of Belarus. They caused a wide resonance among passengers. Changes concern incoming passengers.

From now on, those who are meet passengers after landing on a private car will have to get to their car on foot, unless it's the transfer of the airport itself. This is quite a long distance considering that most of passengers also have luggage.

Olga Osadchaya, CTV:
Earlier, passengers of the Minsk airport took seats in cars right here, next to the arrival zone. Now you need to walk a little with your suitcases.

People with suitcases and bags need to cross the road twice and then go under this flyover - now you can leave your car for free in order to pick up a friend or a relative. There is also a paid parking nearby, though.

 новые правила наземного движения у Национального аэропорта

Taxi driver:
People very often complain, because you have to go, create traffic jams, and people with carts are moving along the carriageway...

The airport explains that such innovations are for safety.

Romina Samatkhanova, Press Secretary of National Airport Minsk:
According to the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization, an air safety zone was determined: 30 meters from the airport building. Thus a conditional terrorist will not be able to leave his vehicle here.

Now only airport transfers and buses to Minsk can stop near the airport.

Ivan Sarakvash, traffic police:
Many people have a question why this is done. This is to ensure unhindered operation of passenger transport.

People now just stop their relatives right near the airport (despite the barriers) and quickly load things not to exceed the 20-minute free parking limit.

The airport once again cites security and world practice, while passengers say about comfort, to which they are accustomed according to the same world practice. While some stop in the middle of the road, others have already found how to get out of the situation without inconveniences. After receiving the luggage, they climb to the floor above, into the departure area. There have been no changes there with regard to parking personal cars.