Minsk City Day celebrations to start on September 7


Minsk City Day celebrations to start on September 7

From scientific meetings to spectacular shows: the main festive events dedicated to the 950th anniversary of the Belarusian capital are about to begin in Minsk.

On September 7, the forum "Minsk and Minsk citizens. 10 centuries of history" will take place in the City Hall. It will bring together more than a hundred researchers, including from Russia, Ukraine and Poland. Experts will discuss different time periods of the city, as well as its tourist potential.

In the evening, a unique photo projection from French photographer Clément Briend will take place on the facades of Minsk City Hall. With the help of 3D images the master skillfully reveals the mysterious side of the places that become his art objects.

Among the highlights of Minsk City Day, there will be the traditional Minsk Half-Marathon, which takes place on September 10.

Taking part in it will be famous Belarusians and foreigners, officials, CEOs as well as ordinary Belarusians. Click here to find out more about the marathon.