Grodno Region begins sugar beet harvesting campaign

Grodno Region begins sugar beet harvesting campaign

Sugar beet harvesting campaign has begun in Belarus. The traditional leader in growing this crop is the Grodno region. Agrarians of the region plan to harvest about two million tons of it there. The crop yield in 2017 is 515 hundred kilograms per hectare, which is higher than in 2016. According to the preliminary estimation, the level of sugar in the roots is a lot stronger. Plants have begun accepting the new harvest from September 1, 2017. Sweet roots are the most profitable crops.

Andrei Rakut, plant protection agronomist of “Ross” breeding plant:
What does the sugar level depend on? You need to see the root first. If there are no holes in it, it means that it is good and there will be enough of sugar.

In the 14 years of work Andrei Rakut determines the level of sugar in beets by eye.

Andrei Rakut, plant protection agronomist of “Ross” breeding plant:
The crop yield this year will be better than in the previous years, because there were rains, it was warm, and the beets to the most of it, the sugar level is high, higher than last year.

A capricious spring and snow at the beginning of May have no chance in beating agrarians. All the 400 hectares of sugar beets are ready to be harvested; now it is the turn of early varieties.

Most of the districts in the Grodno have already begun harvesting sugar beets.

Dmitry Zakharchuk, first deputy chairman-head of the Agriculture and Food department of the Volkovysk District Executive Committee:
In general, the Volkovysk land and soil allow growing sugar beets. Sugar beets are a highly profitable crop. The profit quite often reaches 20-30%.

The main harvest of sweet beets will be ready in October. The crop yield here is 50 hundred kilograms more than in the previous year.

The processing plant has set a demand of no less than 16% of sugar level in the beets. This farm corresponds to the norm and even exceeds the norm by 2%. It means that Belarusians will once again drink sweet tea in 2017.