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Helena Meraai will represent Belarus at Junior Eurovision 2017

The qualifying round of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 has been held in Belarus lately. According to the results of the contest Helena Meraai was chosen to represent the country.

Quite unusual name for Belarus…

Helena Meraai, the representative of Belarus at Junior Eurovision:
My name in Helena Meraai. I’m 14 and I’m Belarusian. My father is Syrian. My mother is Belarusian. I was born in Belarus.

What contests were the main in your life?

Helena Meraai:
The most important ones were, of course, The Voice. Kids (Russia), Young Talents of Belarus and New Wave Junior Contest. Nevertheless, now Eurovision is the biggest and the most popular.

The Voice. Kids Contest in Russia. Dima Bilan, a famous Russian singer, selected you to join his team. What did you learn from the contest? What emotions were the most memorable for you?

Helena Meraai:
This is what I remember clearly… It is not excitement, but something a kind of adrenalin, that you feel on the stage. You receive unreal emotional charge from your teacher, who always supports you and gives you a piece of advice. It was so amazing.

Who is the author of your song? Whom did you share your thoughts with in order to create such a great thing?

Helena Meraai:
This song was written by Rita Dakota. She is a very talented girl from Belarus, a former participant of famous Russian song contest Fabrika Zvyozd. And I like her as a person very much. We met at the Russian song contest Bitva Talantov (Battle of Talents) in autumn 2016. She was my teacher there and the idea to create something together was born.

Olga Drozdova, Helena’s vocal coach:
Whoever from Belarus wins the National Preselections, there will always be some people to support the singer, and some people, as a rule a minority of them, who will not. To take part in Eurovision and to represent any country is far not a spontaneous decision. In my opinion, a singer should get through some other contests, take part in some other projects to gain experience. Only this way will he or she learn to take the emotions and not to be too much nervous… And, eventually, to win. Or to lose. Every person should make some mistakes to analyze them afterwards.

You can’t just wake up in the morning with the thought: “I’m not a bad singer. I want to perform at Eurovision!” From my point of view, it is absolutely wrong!

 Хелена Мерааи

Хелена Мерааи

Helena Meraai