How is Belarus preparing for European Games?


How is Belarus preparing for European Games?

Last week, Belarus signed a contract with the European Olympic committees to hold the second Euro Games in history.

In 2019, more than 4,000 athletes and tens of thousands of fans will come to Minsk. Regional competitions of the European continent is a novelty of the XXI century, an attempt to give new breath to the world of big sport.

Sport is insanely popular; it is long to wait four years, so Europeans agreed to hold their own European Olympics.

Yekaterina Zhilyanina, CTV:
On June 21, 2019, the European games in Minsk will be open. The solemn ceremony will be held at the Dinamo stadium. Today work is still in full swing on the site, which is undergoing renovations.

 как Беларусь готовится к Евроиграм

Already in 2018, the legendary for the country arena will be 100% ready.

Other facilities to host the Games are also in Minsk: Minsk-Arena, Chizhovka Arena, the Palace of Sports - all in all 12. Zones of hospitality will be located near each of them.

Andrei Shorets, Minsk Mayor:
We have signed a contract that defines the terms and conditions of the European Olympic Games. And the responsibility of the parties. Everything is going according to plan, everything is under control: we are sure that we will prepare well and adequately hold the II European Olympic Games by the scheduled time.

189 sets of awards will be contested in Minsk by 50 nations. More than 4,000 athletes will arrive in Minsk. Some licenses for the Tokyo Olympics will also be awarded here.

Two years before the start. Prepare for a large-scale sports show and do not force, everything goes on as usual. Belarusians have already established themselves as successful organizers of major sporting events. Infrastructure can only be completed. It is clear that the main stream of guests will be our main air harbor. Today, construction, but by the end of 2018 - the commissioning of the second runway.

Vasily Kornev, Deputy Director General of RUE National Airport Minsk:
The national airport is undergoing some renovations. Work is in full swing to lay new concrete.

Some new services will be made available for tourists: charges for phones and Wi-Fi. Another novelty is printers.

Romina Samatkhanova, Press Secretary of RUE National Airport Minsk:
If a person bought a ticket online and the ticket is sent to a person's e-mail, they can safely print it at the airport. There are paid shower cabins for all passengers and guests of the airport. There are mother and child rooms. A sleeping camera is located in the business hall of the international sector, it can be used by every passenger.

The bus station near the airport has also changed: a special strip for public transport appeared there.

Vasily Kornev:
We are replacing all jet bridges and there will be seven modern jet bridges of European level. Three survey elevators were installed. An additional parking lot for passengers was put into operation in July - this means 1,597 more places. Now we don't have problems with parking near the airport.

Border control points now hire only staff who speak foreign languages. To understand the scale: there will be about 11,000 accredited guests alone.

The concept of the Games' brand has already been approved. It's basis will be national traditions.

Anatoly Kotov, Deputy Director of the Foundation "Directorate of the II European Games of 2019" :
This is a fern flower, for which all athletes and not only athletes will fight in 2019. Even medals will be made in the form of a fern flower. In general, we have actually adopted the concept Kupalle Night, which is what fern flower symbolizes, and we are just putting finishing touches regarding its visualization: what public transport will look like as well as banners, streamers, billboards and so on.

Accommodation, food, souvenirs, transport, sports arenas and safety - working groups gather monthly to discuss preparation matters. In 2019, Belarus should once again demonstrate its organizational potential as it did in 2014 during the IIHF WM in Minsk.