Belarus President warns against negligence during harvesting

Belarus President warns against negligence during harvesting

Meeting with security officials the Belarus President touched upon a number of issues. In particular, he commented on the fulfillment of his instructions such as monitoring the harvesting campaign.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
An order was given, firstly, to exercise strict control over the organization, over the course of the harvesting campaign. We had to finally put in order the prevention of all negligence, unjustified economic losses, theft, abuse and fraud. There is no return to the Soviet system, although in the Soviet times there were a lot of good things, which we are trying to preserve. I just want to tell you that this negligence costs us a lot of money. You can yourself count.

If we lost 10% of the harvest (farmers said this is allegedly a natural loss that cannot be prevented), how much would we lose from the 10 million collected? 1 million tons. Multiply by $200 approximately, the world price.

You will thus get a rough calculation of losses. What bothered you during the harvesting campaign? What will you need to pay attention to?

The meeting also discussed the development of criminal and administrative legislation.

The President sets a task to remove obsolete standards, and new ones should contribute to the development of the Belarusian economy. In addition, Alexander Lukashenko had previously given instructions on recovery of overdue accounts receivable and compensation for economic losses from crimes. Today the head of state asked the participants of the meeting about the results of this work.