First Skaryna Bible to be on display in Minsk

First Skaryna Bible to be on display in Minsk

An invaluable book in a fireproof suitcase: a literary artifact - the first Skaryna Bible - was delivered to Minsk from Moscow on September 4.

The book in the Belarusian language has arrived to the writer’s native land for the first time.

Nina Kolymago, scientist, National History Museum:
When we bring such valuables from other counties we send them a report in which we in detail describe all the conditions where the book will be stored, in what building, in what temperature, who will guard it and so on.

Anticrash glass, movement detectors, window opening detectors and so on. We have several precaution measures.

The Skaryna edition of the Bible consists of six books. On the pages, you can see Skaryna’s images and decorative initials.

Первую Библию Скорины доставили в Минск из Москвы

All the exhibits were printed in Prague from 1517 to 1520. The Bible has been stored in Russia’s History Museum in Moscow since the mid-19th century.

It’s known that Skaryna himself tried to bring his books back to Muscovia (Moscow) but some facts suggest that he was considered a heretic there and many books were burned publicly.

Now you can find the genuine Bible of Skaryna – The Psalter – only in Moscow and St.Petersburg.

The official opening of the exhibition will take place in the National History Museum in Minsk on September 7.

The Bible will remain on display until December 31, but the terms may be extended.

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