Belarusian agrarians plan to harvest 10 million tons of grain

Belarusian agrarians plan to harvest 10 million tons of grain

As many as 10 million tons of grain! This is the total weight of Belarusian bread which is expected in 2017.

The interim results of the harvesting campaign have been reported to the President on August 31. A good harvest guarantees food security for Belarus. The President was interested in other agricultural works and the development of the agricultural complex as a whole.

Evgeny Parfenov is in the field for the second month. He harvested every forth ton of grain, then he helped his neighbors. When sweetcorn got ripe, he changed the combine harvester.

Evgeny Parfenov, mechanization specialist of the “Morozovichi –agro” line of OJSC Gomel chemical works:
It is pleasant to harvest the grain which is clear.

At the meeting with the President on August 31, 2017 it was reported that Belarusian agrarians have harvested a total of 7.6 tons, which is more than in 2016. The forecast is that agrarians will be able to cross the 8 million milestone.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
The main thing is the grain balance. Whether it will be enough to feed the people. It is natural and not discussed. We always had enough, 20 years in a row, more than enough. We agreed that we will take about one million tons as a reserve, for bread. This is gold, gold reserves.

Belarusian agrarians have been waiting for such a harvest for 20 years. However, it took a lot of effort: technologies, Belarusian selection, machine engineers. The expected harvest is 10 million tons, including sweetcorn and rape.

Vladimir Maslov, director of the “Morozovichi –agro” line of OJSC Gomel chemical works:
Why did we get a better harvest this year? Because we worked with technologies. It always takes a lot of effort. To fertilize the soil, do the chemical weeding. Then there will be good harvest.

The President emphasizes that the main aim is not export but food security.

Leonid Zayats, Minister of Food and Agriculture of the Republic of Belarus:
We process grain into cereals. And we sell these products today rather successfully. Belarus makes a profit of millions of dollars from this. We will provide bakeries with grain completely and we will provide the macaroni industry with grain partially with Belarusian wheat.

The biggest grain 100 hundred kilograms per hectare; the average grain yield is 35.7 from a hectare. In order to improve the expectations in 2018, tractors will substitute combine harvesters (the sowing season of winter crops has begun). As for the fruit and vegetables, the storage spaces will be full in 2017. The harvest of cabbage, carrots and apples is quite good this year as well. The President is interested in their gathering.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Will it be enough of these agricultural cultures to establish the so-called stabilization funds? I am being straightforward: in order for the people could live a worthy life, buy carrots, beetroots, cabbages, apples despite unsuccessful harvests, and so on. How is the gathering of cattle feed is being carried out? We must do it well. The year is god to prepare grass feed. How are the things going on here? The most important thing is sowing of winter crops. What stage are we at today?

Alexander Lukashenko has the cattle breeding sector under special control. Milk for Belarus is white gold. The profitability of butter is 15% and is 1.5 times higher of cheese. In the seven months of the current year Belarus earned 1.5 billion dollars on exporting foodstuffs.

The number of outsiders in agricultural and industrial complexes decreased by 130 farms in 2017. Every ruble invested into agriculture earned three times more for Belarus. Agrarians are continuing to increase he crop yield, including financial yield as well.