Final of “Live classics” competition held in Polotsk

Final of “Live classics” competition held in Polotsk

The final of the grand Republican competition “Live classics” was held in Polotsk, on the Belarusian Written Language Day.

However, only 13 best young poetry readers managed to make it to the final. They had to compete with 13,000 boys and girls, who participated in the elimination rounds with the loved poems of Belarusian authors.

The first Republican competition of young poetry readers “Live classics” began with a slogan “We read much, read together, create ourselves and the country” in February. The competition existed before, however, only on the regional level. It was decided to expand the scale of the competition this year. The CTV Channel gave the “Live classics” competition a new status. During a couple of months the whole country followed how the half finalists of the competition from all the corners of Belarus read the poems of Belarusian authors with feelings and emotions.

On September 1, 2017 Polotsk welcomed the half finalists of the competition. Before coming to the stage, the participants of the competition participated in the Day of Knowledge, and then they attended their first lesson, which was conducted by the chairman of the Minsk City Writers Union Mikhail Pozdnyakov.

The half finalist had an opportunity to get acquainted with the ancient town of Polotsk as well.

An interesting excursion for the young talents was organized by the Honorary resident of Polotsk Naum Galperovich. Everyone had true emotions from the visit to the museum of Belarusian book printing, where the participants of the competition had a chance to see the original of the book printed by Francysk Skaryna.

The half final was a real competition. Everyone felt worried and believed in victory.

However, competition is competition. Only 13 participants made it to the final. In order to choose the winner, many honorary guests came to the celebration. Strict but fair jury appraised the performances of the competitors with all responsibility.

Bright, artistic and sincere participants made the audience feel said, laugh, and they touched the most sacred strings of the peoples’ souls. Victory found its owners. The best young poetry readers received congratulations and deserved prizes.

Hopefully, the competition of young readers “Live classics” will continue for the many years to come!