Stolichnoe Televidenie announces projects for new TV season

Stolichnoe Televidenie announces projects for new TV season

Before the start of the new TV season, CTV Channel has announced new projects.

Nina Bogdanova, CTV presenter:
It is our task to increase the medical literacy of people.

Now the TV doctor Nina Bogdanova is ready to provide medical aid right from the TV screen.

Nina Bogdanova:
Riding with an ambulance team is serious, and I would even say it's stress for me. Go into the laboratory and dismember the infected tick - it's curious. It's extreme to get into an infectious disease hospital. In general, you'll see the whole palette of emotions.

Every Saturday at 10:30. 26 minutes of healthy information. The theme of the program can be decided by TV audience. You can ask questions on the official website of the CTV as well as in social networks.

The screenwriter Natalia Golubeva shares plans with our channel.

Very soon the CTV channel will air the documentary Francysk Skaryna.

Natalia Golubeva:
This is the story of a completely unique person, a man who was obsessed with an idea.

CTV journalists prepared a series of documentaries about Skaryna, and with him and all the book business. We traveled to Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy... We collected the most reliable and even previously unknown information, visited the reconstituted Skaryna printing house and took the first Bible printed in Belarusian.

Anastasia Benedysyuk, CTV correspondent:
That is, Skaryna personally confirms that this work - the Psalter - is published for the funds of a Vilnius philanthropist.

The CTV will tell viewers about Taras On Parnassus, a poem that has become a mystery for literature, time and the country. CTV journalist Dmitry Boyarovich is ready to show where the main character, Taras, falls into the underworld and what the famous Putevishche looks like now.

Another significant figure is Nikolai Gusovsky (in Polish Mikołaj Hussowczyk). Why didn't his "Song of the Bison" and reach the addressee - the Pope?

How did the Belarusian-Polish poet succeed in convincing the Queen to sponsor the immortal creation? Who in our day recreated one of the best works of the Renaissance? TV presenter Igor Poznyak has unraveled all the secrets of this incredibly complicated story.

Igor Pozniak, head of the Directorate of Information Broadcasting, CTV Channel:
This is not quite what we were told at school - that it is a hymn to nature, a description of the bison, its power... In fact, if you will, this is the first Belarusian political work. Probably for the first time in the Middle Ages, this work calls for integration. I mean European integration.

Anastasia Benedysyuk:
For us, the television crew, the new season is akin to flying into space. New projects come to the TV orbit and new TV stars light up. We begin to prepare for the "flight" in winter and with the start of the new season, we enter new media space!

The new equipment in television studios looks like a spacecraft.

In the new season the CTV Channel is moving to a new standard of high definition.

Konstantin Avramenko, Deputy General Director of ZAO Stolichnoe Televidenie:
This will be strikingly different from what was before. There will be a clearer picture, juicy colors, and stereo broadcasting. We will be the first in this matter, I hope.

Updated design, graphics and music.

By the way, a series of concerts Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs will continue its tour of Belarus. September 3 - Polotsk, October 4 - Grodno, November 15 - Molodechno, and December 6 - Sports Palace in Minsk. The project has become a real mobile festival.

Olga Burlakova, CTV presenter:
People with flowers, smart, beautiful. They sing these songs with us, we are behind the scenes (I mean presenters) and we, too, always sing and dance.

Irina Rombalskaya, press secretary, presenter of CTV Channel:
It seems to me that the CTV Channel is moving to a new level with its product, in terms of its uniqueness. Recall those promotional videos of our channel. We have already made such videos about ice hockey, and about a healthy lifestyle, and about Yanka Kupala, and Yakub Kolas...

Now we have prepared five outstanding videos for the 1,000th anniversary of Brest.

There will be even more such bright videos. Today the CTV is releasing promo videos dedicated to the 950th anniversary of Belarus' capital Minsk.