Belarusian hotels now submit registration info on tourists via electronic system


Belarusian hotels now submit registration info on tourists via electronic system

From September 1, Belarusian hotels submit information on incoming tourists to the Ministry of Internal Affairs through an electronic system. This is a practice accepted worldwide. It operates in the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and other countries.

This was made possible thanks to the Unified Services Portal. The resource will make the procedure more convenient. At the same time, hotels, hostels and other similar services still have the right to submit this information in other ways.

С 1 сентября гостиницы Беларуси смогут передавать данные об иностранцах в МВД через электронную систему

Alexei Begun, head of the department on citizenship and migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
The number of crossings of state borders is quite large, that is why, of course, the internal affairs bodies try to find out in those large flows those foreign citizens who pose a threat to the national security of the Republic of Belarus, or to the protection of public order. Now the information system is in the test mode. Within a month we will test this information system, because this is the first time this system has been implemented in Belarus. From October 1, we will launch it into commercial operation in cooperation with the National Center for Traffic Exchange.

Hotels - including sanatoriums and agricultural farmsteads - are required to provide information about visitors to the internal affairs bodies within 24 hours after their arrival.