Belarus President meets with Georgian foreign minister Mikheil Janelidze


Belarus President meets with Georgian foreign minister Mikheil Janelidze

Progress in cooperation and lack of controversial issues. This is how Alexander Lukashenko and Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Georgia Mikheil Janelidze characterized Belarusian-Georgian relations on September 4.

Minsk and Tbilisi are involved in an active political and economic dialogue, develop cooperation in international organizations. Recently, the countries have managed to significantly increase trade turnover. In 2016 it was record high for the last five years: plus 63% in mutual trade. Good dynamism is seen this year too.

Today in the Palace of Independence the Belarus head of state once again stressed: Belarusians are always ready to work together with Georgia and help in difficult times.

 «Белорусы всегда готовы работать вместе с Грузией и помочь в трудную минуту»

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We are always ready to work together, to cooperate. Your people are not strangers to us. Georgians are our brothers. This has been the case since Soviet times and even earlier. A whole complex of impressions, knowledge, and our relations push us to continue to have very close friendly relations with Georgians. Thank God, lately we have taken an active part in the development of our relations. Of course, without the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this would be impossible. I know, both of our foreign ministries coordinate this work. We have almost no contentious issues. We really need you, because our economies do not compete with each other. All that we can produce complements our economies. You produce what we need and we produce what you need.

Mikheil Janelidze, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia:
We are very pleased that trade and economic relations between our countries are developing and trade is growing. There are also new joint ventures. We are very pleased with the exchange of experience between our countries. And we are sure that our economies, which are complimentary, as you noted, will benefit both countries.

The events of WWII and heroes-victors is one of the many things what also unites Belarus and Georgia. Prior to the official meetings, Mikheil Janilidze visited a place where the memory of millions of warriors killed was immortalized.

The Georgian delegation laid a wreath of fresh flowers to the foot of the monument on Victory Square.