2017/18 academic year begins in Belarus

2017/18 academic year begins in Belarus

On September 1, more than 110,000 small Belarusians began new school year. This day is special for each of them. Children wait for it with impatience, and preparations begin in early summer.

White bowknots, bouquets that hardly fit in their hands and a new stylish school uniform. They have been preparing all childhood, so that today everyone can tell from afar: a first-grader is coming.

Lera, first grade student, will study Chinese from the beginning of school. She is excited and in anticipation holds Roman's hand. She has just met the boy and has already become friends with him.

Roman Beschanov:
You have to go to school with a good mood to get good grades.

A couple of new schools have opened these days in Belarus. One of them - with one of the best equipment in Belarus - has opened in the town of Krichev.

Alena Slepneva, 7th form student, secondary school No. 8, Krichev:
The first of September is a good holiday. We can meet our friends. We ask them how they spent their summer. And are also glad to see our teachers, class leaders.

The Day of Knowledge, as September 1 is also called in Belarus, is a holiday not only for schoolchildren, but also for high school students. This is the holiday for all children, without exceptions. A proof of this is the Minsk college of electronics, where 80 students with psychophysical development issues will study.

Mikhail Myasnikovich, Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
Today the level of training in secondary specialized educational institutions is very high in Belarus. This is a truly university level, if you will.

To enjoy the holiday first year high school students can attend the Freshman Day and relax.

However, some students are not allowed such celebrations. Such rules apply to first-year students of the Minsk Suvorov School - the military future of Belarus.

Nikita and Stepan are less than 24 year of age combined. However, despite this early age, they have already chosen their own path.

Stepan Bondar:
I always wanted to become a military man. In Suvorov School, things are more interesting than in an ordinary school.

Nikita Avgustinovich:
My relatives also once went to Suvorov, they are almost all military men.