Memorial sign of Belarusian Statehood opened in Polotsk

Memorial sign of Belarusian Statehood opened in Polotsk

All the roads today lead to Polotsk. The most ancient town of Belarus is celebrating its 1,155th anniversary. This is the place where Francysk Skaryna was born, the man who printed the first book in the Belarusian language 500 years ago.

In honor of this event a National celebration has been established – the Day of Belarusian Written Language. The official start of the celebration will be announced from the main concert stage of Polotsk.

The President emphasized that the Day of Belarusian Writing has become a real symbol of Belarus’ independence.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Printed word, knowledge, love towards Motherland have always been and will stay an inexhaustible resource of strength and wisdom of the people, their feverish desire to live a free and fair life.

On September 2, 2017 a two ton bronze memorial sign was opened near the walls of the St. Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk. The memorial "Polotsk, the cradle of Belarusian statehood" has images of Polotsk feudal lords and important dates on it.

Liliya Ananich, Information Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
I suppose that the best words about the Belarusian statehood, the meaning of the Belarusian Written Language Day in the development of Belarus were said by the President, when he said that the Day of the Belarusian Written Language is a symbol of Belarus’ independence. In my opinion, every town which held the Belarusian Written Language Day during 24 years did not only become more beautiful, but new buildings appeared as well.

Boris Svetlov, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus:
The great role in this cultural influence belongs to the countries which make such influence, which are amongst the first countries, literature has such influence. I mean writers who influence peoples’ minds, engineers of peoples’ souls and so on.

The CTV Channel is one of the organizers of the festive events in Polotsk. The winners of the “Live Classics” competition have been announced here.

During a couple of months the jury of the competition was searching for the most emotional young poetry readers. The best of the best demonstrated their talent in Polotsk.

Ulyana Zherdetskaya, finalist of the “Live Classics” competition (Minsk):
It is the most interesting competition in which I have taken part. It is held in a few stages, every stage was very difficult, because all the participants are very talented. It was difficult to compete with them.

Darya Revtovich, finalist of the “Live Classics” competition (Minsk):
The “Live Classics” is a wonderful event, which unites children from all over Belarus, from different towns and regions.

As for the anniversary of Polotsk, as many as 1,155 people took part in the parade. The number of participants is symbolic because Polotsk is celebrating its 1,155th anniversary. Craftsmen, merchants, students and book printers walked through the streets of the ancient town.

It is necessary to say that a book festival was held in Polotsk. Everyone could get acquainted with the latest novelties of the publishing houses. What is more, autograph sessions give a possibility for people to meet modern authors from 12 countries. It is also quite interesting to print the first page of Sarina’s Bible on a printing machine.

A grand theatre performance was held on the main concert stage of Belarus. The best of Belarusian artists took part in it. A laser show ended the day.

All in all, the organizers of the celebrations in Polotsk are promising 10 kilometers of entertainments.