Parade in honor of Belarusian Written Language Day held in Polotsk

Parade in honor of Belarusian Written Language Day held in Polotsk

All the roads today lead to Polotsk. The most ancient town of Belarus is celebrating its 1,155th anniversary. This is the place where Francysk Skaryna was born, the man who printed the first book in the Belarusian language 500 years ago. In honor of this event a National celebration has been established – the Day of Belarusian Written Language. The official start of the celebration will be announced from the main concert stage of Polotsk.

The President emphasized that the Day of Belarusian Writing has become a real symbol of Belarus’ independence.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Printed word, knowledge, love towards Motherland have always been and will stay an inexhaustible resource of strength and wisdom of the people, their feverish desire to live a free and fair life.

A grand parade with a symbolic number of participants (1,155) united Polotsk residents from the very morning. Polotsk is celebrating its 1,155th anniversary.

Unions of craftsmen, merchants, students and printers are accompanied by prince’s armed forces. Modernity was demonstrated by representatives of Polotsk’s plants and organizations. Thousands of guests from a dozen of countries were watching.

Andreas Kester, Friedrichshafen burgomaster (Germany):
It is my first time here. It is great happiness for me. I am getting many positive emotions from the town and people. I am fascinated by the hospitality and openness of people. It is rather atmospheric and lively.

The official start to the celebration will be given in the evening in Polotsk's Svobody Square. The festival of books and the press is held in the town at the moment. One can print the first page of Skaryna’S Bible on a printing machine of the 16th century.

The memorial sign "Polotsk, the cradle of Belarusian statehood" will be opened later on in the day. The residents and the guests of Polotsk will have an opportunity to hear real and live Belarusian words – the projects of the CTV Channel is to announce the winners of the national poetry competition “Live Classics”.