Alexander Lukashenko about prestige value and prospects of vocational education

Alexander Lukashenko about prestige value and prospects of vocational education

On September 1, 2017 Alexander Lukashenko personally congratulated all those who work and study at Minsk State Auto-Mechanical College named after academician М .S. Vysotsky on Knowledge Day. As many as 1,600 people study at this college.

All in all, 190 thousand Belarusians are obtaining specialized and vocational education. It means that working professions are popular.

This is the oldest college in Belarus where people obtain education in the sector of machine engineering. The graduates of the college have the shortest way of employment. The entrance to Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) is just across the road. This year three girls have entered the college, vocational education is becoming popular.

Anna Debelyak, first year student of Minsk State Auto-Mechanical College named after academician М .S. Vysotsky:
I think that I will find out more things and will understand in machines more. In a few years’ time I will be able to earn money myself.

Belarus is one of the not many countries in Eastern Europe to have preserved vocational education system.

Konstantin Shaitor, head of the laboratory of Minsk State Auto-Mechanical College named after academician М .S. Vysotsky:
If you are a highly qualified specialist and you know your profession well, you will be in demand at the employment market. Then you will get good salary, which will allow you to live well.

President Lukashenko came to the college to congratulate them with the right choice of profession. Belarus is among the top 20 countries in the number of university students per 100 thousand residents. It is high time to pay attention to the necessity of the real economy sector.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Working specialties will never stay at loose end. These professions will always stay in demand. And the necessity in such specialists is constantly growing. More and more young people are realizing that vocational education is prestigious, and what is more important, it is prospective. Annually, more than one third of school graduates choose lyceums and colleges as their first step of obtaining a profession and career.

The popularity of vocational education is pure pragmatism. The son of the Republican Institute for Vocational Education rector is going through life universities in a college. The prospects are clearer in this way.

Valery Golubovsky, rector of the Republican Institute for Vocational Education:
Belarusian youth mustn’t lose time today, they grow up earlier and they are more pragmatic. By coming to a vocational education establishment, they have more chances of making an efficient vocational career by obtaining vocational education first, and then, if a person wishes to, he can obtain higher education.

The President supported the suggestion: the graduates with vocational education will have advantages when entering universities. Nevertheless, many graduates of vocational education establishments entered universities without guaranteed support and then reached success in life. Academician Vysotsky, the Hero of Belarus, is a proof to it. His first educational establishment was named after him. It is an example for many vocational education establishments.

Alexander Lukashenko saw it for himself. The President was shown a detail which was made by the students of the college. The task for the Education Minister is to make the system of vocational education more efficient.

There are 250 vocational education establishments in Belarus with different names and a perfect level of teaching. It’s high time to unify them into colleges. The initiative is supported by the President.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Let’s do it, so it is done clearly, because at the moment it lacks coordination.

The process of teaching will be changed.

Igor Karpenko, Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus:
This is the optimal establishment of a system, which will provide the real economy sector with workers with specialized education.

Another successful approach is resource centers. As many as 40 are planned to be established in Belarus in the moment. These are the most equipped colleges. Only modern equipment and laboratories.

Oleg Tsaruk, laboratory chief of Minsk State Auto-Mechanical College named after academician М .S. Vysotsky:
Our students are not afraid to come up to a car, professionally diagnose it, find failures and fix them.

Even the most experienced workers come here to het higher qualifications. Modern professionals are prepared in such conditions.

Alxander Lukashenko:
Recently, I was shown (probably, one of you was watching this) our new combine harvester Polesie. Good machinery, in no way inferior to imported analogues. But we need to ensure that it surpass the machinery of our competitors. We need a super combine harvester! We also need a super truck, a tractor, an electric car, the most modern ones.

The President tested the equipment himself on which specialists are trained. Automobiles is one of the hobbies of Alexander Lukashenko, therefore, he was interested in the stands of the laboratory.

A few days ago the President was told about the prospects of the Belarusian electromobile. Specialists are already being trained here for its exploitation. It turns out that the Belarusian system of Belarusian vocational education is moving forward in the right direction.

The President dedicated more time to this electromobile. Now the issue of how should the electromobile made in Belarus look like. Therefore, Alexander Lukashenko is enters into all details and is asking for experts’ advice.

Technology with artificial intellect and workers with IT knowledge. This is the modern face of vocational education.

Alexander Lukashenko:
In order to obtain working specialties, it is necessary to have good brains, talent, if you want. I know it from my own experience. When I was obtaining some working professions. It will be useful in life. If you decided to obtain a working profession, strive for it every day, every hour and hold your head with honor and high, because you are real working people, who are doing a good thing for Belarus.

The anthem of the college was played during the solemn meeting. President Lukashenko was presented a picture painted by a local artist.