Taras Na Parnase: Mystic Belarusian folk poem

Taras Na Parnase: Mystic Belarusian folk poem

A series of documentaries dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Belarusian book printing continues on the CTV Channel. The CTV has aired the second documentary film, this time about the folk poem Taras na Parnase [Taras on Mount Parnassus].

The author - journalist Dmitry Boyarovich - will talk about the poem which is still considered a mystery of Belarusian literature. The work, which (according to researchers) should not have come out, has been studied for over 125 years.

The poem has become a mystery of literature, time and the country. Hundreds of scientific papers are dedicated to Taras on Parnassus, but none of them asserts exactly what kind of work this is.

Iosif Yanushkevich, historian, archaeographer, candidate of philological sciences:
According to the canons that existed in the XIX century, this work would not have been born.

The probable author of the poem is a Verenitsyn. This surname is written in all school textbooks? But did he really write it?

Dmitry Boyarovich, CTV:
In the twentieth century writer Ivan Chigrinov said: "Mankind will never be able to do two things: find the author of Taras on Parnassus and go to the Moon."

Who is Taras? We will follow the trail of the Forester and show where the character finds himself in Hell, and how the famous Putevishche looks now. How does the poem take us to St. Petersburg? Our crew will travel to St. Petersburg to touch the first publication of the work.

Mariya Lukovskaya, librarian:
This is the newspaper Minsk Leaflet, where the Belarusian poem was published in issue 37. Here, the title is "Taras".

Thousands of kilometers of the road. Exclusive interviews and unique facts. We have been working six months to tell you about the most mystic work of the Belarusian literature of the 19th century.

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