Alexander Lukashenko at Minsk Automotive College: We need not just workers, we need masters

Alexander Lukashenko at Minsk Automotive College: We need not just workers, we need masters

Education should focus on the needs of the economy, said September 1 the President of Belarus during a visit to the Minsk State Automotive College.

About 1,600 people study there. In total, 190,000 Belarusians are receiving an specialized secondary and vocational education, which means working specialties are popular. Every year, more than a third of graduates choose lyceums and colleges as the first stage of professional growth. As Alexander Lukashenko stressed, a professional worker will always be in demand.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Belarus can achieve success in conditions of severe competition only by concentrating all intellectual resources on the creation of high-tech, knowledge-intensive enterprises and innovative industries. It is vitally important to staff such areas as construction, processing industry and engineering with skilled workers. These are promising industries, and we will develop them, which means that you will always be in demand.

We need not just working hands, we need real masters,

who with their own hands will create details and mechanisms - the competitive goods of tomorrow. Recently, I was shown (probably, one of you was watching this) our new combine harvester Polesie. Good machinery, in no way inferior to imported analogues. But we need to ensure that it surpass the machinery of our competitors. We need a super combine harvester! We also need a super truck, a tractor, an electric car, the most modern ones. Our designers do have ideas and developments, but we need competent workers, people dedicated to their work in order to implement those projects. Vocational and secondary specialized education play the leading role in the training of such personnel.

The college has trained over 24 thousand specialists in 14 specialties during its 70-year history.