Original "Small Travel Book" by Skaryna presented in Polotsk

Original "Small Travel Book" by Skaryna presented in Polotsk

The oldest town of Belarus on September 1 meets guests of the Day of Belarusian Written Language. Moreover, the town celebrates two other anniversaries: the 500th anniversary of book printing and the 1155th anniversary of the town itself.

The even program includes large-scale theatrical shows, a laser show, knight tournaments, the opening of the memorial sign "Polotsk as cradle of Belarusian statehood". The CTV Channel has not stayed aside of the grandiose events in Polotsk.

The TV Channel will present two projects: "Living Classics" and "Golden Collection of Belarusian Song". The latter will take place on Sunday and feature famous singers who will perform classical Belarusian songs in modern arrangement.

Living Classics is a poetry contest which final will be held during this weekend too.

The historical re-enactment shows will depict the history of Belarusian statehood from the times of duke Rogvolod to the present day. The main symbol of the celebrations will the Cross of Saint Euphrosyne, the patron saint of the town.

An exhibition of mini-models of Polotsk’s main sights is located right in one of the central squares and guests can see all the attractions in one place.

Among the sights are even those that have not survived until this day.

Next to the symbol of Polotsk, the Nikolaevsky Church, is the Museum of Belarusian Book Printing, which has presented the original "Small Travel Book" by the first book printer Francysk Skaryna. This is not only the religious treasure but also an ABC for the children of Skaryna times.