30,000 expected to partake in Minsk half marathon September 10


30,000 expected to partake in Minsk half marathon September 10

The prize fund will be $27,000. The distances are unchanged: 5, 10 and 21 kilometers.

In 2017, the organizers made adjustments to the route of the shortest race - now it is a circular track. In addition, the distance starts are divided. The winners will receive 6,000 Belarusian rubles each, and each finisher will receive a commemorative medal.

As a result of the two previous similar events, the Belarusian side was awarded the so-called "bronze label" from the International Athletics Federation. Now the task is to raise it to silver status.

Registration is in full swing: applications have already been submitted by more than 12,000 people.

The geography includes not only former Soviet countries. However, the majority of foreigners are from Russia. In addition to the eastern neighbors, the elite list includes Latvian, Uzbek and even Kenyan marathon runners. In the absence of favorite Olga Mazuronak three other runners are expected to catch up.

Vadim Devyatovskiy, chairman of the Belarusian Athletics Federation:
About 16 elite athletes will participate in Minsk half marathon 2017. Our girls are the main contenders for the half marathon medal. Of course, we also wish Belarusian men to compete for medals and compete with Kenyan runners, for example. But the girls have a better chance.

This is Anastasia Ivanova - the winner of the Warsaw marathon, the prestigious one. Ultramarafon was run by Maria Domantsevich from Novopolotsk (she, too, will run in the Minsk half-marathon). We remember Nina Savina who overtook Kenyans and was second to Olga Mazuronak.

В Минском полумарафоне, который состоится в День города, 10 сентября, ожидается участие около 30 тысяч человек

Next year - do not hide our ambitions - Belarus will try to fight for a high place in the team events at the European Championships in Berlin. 

You'll see that our girls will fight. Seriously, the Minsk half-marathon can be regarded as a stage of preparation specifically for Berlin, this is important.

The marathon also popularizes mass sport: we are glad that we now see more joggers on the streets of Minsk.