Belarus President test-drives Tesla: Here's what he said

Belarus President test-drives Tesla: Here's what he said

The production of an electric car should be the next step in Belarusian machine-building industry. On August 31, the Belarus head of state put such a task before scientists and the Industry Ministry.

Last week, Belarusian developers demonstrated a prototype. The President noted that he had personally tested it. But this is only the beginning of the road. First, electric cars are a world trend, and in the near future cars with an internal combustion engine will not be so popular, and secondly, Belarus will receive a surplus of electricity as a result of the launch of the nuclear power plant.

Alexander Lukashenko admitted that he personally tested Tesla and showed this car to Belarusian developers so that the Belarusian scientific thought tries to keep pace with the top trends of automotive fashion.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Tesla created a wonderful electric car. First, it gains speed so quickly that our German-tested cars on internal combustion engines remained instantly behind and could not catch up. It starts as a spaceship, and even more powerful. In 2.5 seconds you are already at 100 km/h. But I was interested in how it keeps the road - perfectly. I am opening all the cards to you. This is my hobby - cars - it became such a long time ago. I follow the development of this industry. And since we created our car (Geely will be a good car with an internal combustion engine) this is the first step and this is the technology of yesterday. We need an electric car. Maybe at that same plant, maybe separately. Create it with Americans, Germans or the British - it's up to you. You must suggest something in the near future. You actually created your prototype. I got familiar with it carefully. Your promises inspire me and, on the other hand, worry me. If we can create a battery, if we can create the best one in the world, why do not we create one? What is needed for that? People, money, competence and so on? It's necessary to immediately implement it.
The purpose of today's conversation. I showed you the car. If you want to drive it, please do that. A good person presented us this car for testing. We must look at it. Look - you need it, I'll send you the car. Study and look. This is the best thing that we have. Buyers queue for about three years to buy these cars. This is the future, we cannot fall behind. We cannot be behind everyone with our competence in science. Let's do this and stop talking about lack of money for that.

Belarus is going to assemble not only electric cars, but also electric bicycles, motorcycles and scooters. In the near future, Belarusian authorities will present a program for the development of electric drive technologies.

Scientists themselves said that the experience of studying leading technologies is very important, but Belarusians have their own developments in order not only to catch up with world leaders, but also introduce exclusive ideas.