Written Language Day celebration in Polotsk to open with historical performance

Written Language Day celebration in Polotsk to open with historical performance

Day of Written Language in Polotsk will open with a large-scale theatrical show on September 2. During 1.5 hours, viewers will see the formation of Belarusian history and culture from the time of Prince Rogvolod to the present day.

Partaking in the show will be creative collectives of Belarus. It is expected that well-known foreign scholars and writers will arrive in Belarus for the celebrations.

Lilia Ananich, Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus:
We allocated about BYN13 million to beautify and renovate Polotsk, to make the town younger. We updated the infrastructure and utilities. I have already mentioned the 300,000 flowers which will adorn the town these days to show all visitors the town's beauty.

These days Polotsk celebrates just two dates - the 1,155th anniversary of the town (one of the first in Belarus) and the 500th anniversary of Belarusian book printing.

The documentary Pieršadrukar (TheFirst Book Printer) will be presented. It tells about the life of Francysk Skaryna and his contribution to modern culture. Together with the camera filmmakers went to the same places where Skaryna stayed and worked.

Igor Chischenya, director of the film "The First Book Printer":
We tried to make the movie take people to that atmosphere of history. We aimed at not only presenting just facts but back them up with some feeling of authenticity.

Polotsk will host Written Language Day for the third time. In 2018, Written Language Day will be held in the town of Ivanovo, Brest Region.