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Belarusian schools to face changes from September 1

School students will be studying according to new educational programs from Septembers 1. Cross-curriculum ties were considered whilst the development of these programs. Similar subjects in physics, chemistry and math will be taught at the same time for better acceptance of material.

Among the changes are reduction of chemistry lessons and more math hours.

Irina Karzhova, deputy head of general secondary education department of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus:
The new educational programs are orientated at practice; they have a re-educative orientation as well. Therefore, a teacher must fulfill not only a curricular function, but an upbringing function as well.

Changes will be made to textbooks. As many as 40 new textbooks will appear in the students’ bags. They will differ from the old books in the accessibility of material and bright covers.

Belarusian schools to face changes from September 1