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Delegations from 11 countries to visit Minsk on City Day

A lot of foreign guests are expected to come to the Belarus capital to celebrate the 950th anniversary of Minsk. Among them are delegations from 11 countries. The Lord Mayor of a sister city, Nottingham, will arrive in Minsk too.

The English visitor plans to visit a number of industrial enterprises. On the City Day, foreign delegations will visit the main festive venues, and a general meeting of friends of Minsk will take place in the city hall.

Nikolai Rogashchuk, Chairman of the Economy Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee:
This is an excellent opportunity to meet with our friends and partners, sister cities, not only in the framework of the celebration, but also to solve some economic matters. They are interested in our transport, our innovative developments.

Traditionally, the territory near the Sports Palace will be the main festive area on the City Day. In addition to performances by various musical groups, more than 2,000 meters of shopping arcades will be open on that day. A highlight of the festivities will be "Singing Fountains Show."

Delegations from 11 countries to visit Minsk on City Day