Minsk region grows organic vegetables using worms worth 1 euro each

Minsk region grows organic vegetables using worms worth 1 euro each

The UN project on the development of organic farming was implemented in the Smolevichi district, Minsk region. It is being implemented in the garden of the Drachkovo secondary school.

Thanks to a special grant, greenhouses, containers for organic fertilizers and seeds were purchased. During the last year local farmers have been mastering the technology of growing agricultural products without chemicals. Eco-friendly vegetables grew on 6 hectares.

Vyacheslav Ponomarenko, student:
I grew tomatoes and cucumbers. I really liked it, it's interesting for future life to know how to grow crops.

Sergei Kudrovets, student:
I work to help the school develop the farm and economy. I like everything here, I'm fine here.

The first and main condition of the project is that agricultural production should be without the use of chemistry. This rule was strictly adhered to. Instead the farm used special organic substances and a worm, which processes the soil turning it into biohumus. This worm is special and its price is 1 euro apiece. However, its benefit is many times larger. The fertility of the earth grows several times, vegetables and berries grow in leaps and bounds. The most important positive side is that this is absolutely environmentally friendly product.

Andrey Ponomarenko, deputy director of Drachkovo secondary school in Smolevichy district:
The project has already come to an end but we still continue to grow without chemicals. We still have composting and vermicomposting. Worms are still working, we will not leave them, therefore, the project continues.