Record low infant mortality rate achieved in Belarus

Record low infant mortality rate achieved in Belarus

Belarus takes third place in the world rating of the lowest infant mortality rate. Now more than 9.5 million people live in Belarus. In 2017 the population grew by 6,000, but the potential is much greater. Now the national concept of the family is being developed in Belarus.

The introduction of the model, according to experts, will increase the birth rate in the country.

Yelena Bogdan, Chairwoman of the Medical Aid Organization Department of the Health Ministry of the Republic of Belarus:
We must ensure the preservation of reproductive health. This is the education of young people in conjunction with the Ministry of Education. This is the development of a national family planning service. The next step is the creation of conditions for the observation of pregnant women. The obstetrical institutions are absolutely enough in our country. We have good roads, we have fully equipped ambulances and mobile intensive care units.

The sanitary aviation helicopter is starting to work (a helicopter module was purchased and equipment installation is being carried out).

Today, Belarusian doctors save even 500-gram babies in spite of the most complex diagnoses. This is thanks to the center "Mother and Child".

Victoria Davidovich, patient of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Mother and Child":
Drip bulbs, heart ultrasound, cardiogram and blood tests. Everything is okay. The attitude and conditions.

Today "Mother and Child" employs more than 1,000 workers and boasts unique equipment.

The center is in no way inferior to Western European ones. Here women with disabilities can give birth and patients can become pregnant after transplanting of two organs.