Poland intends to expand cooperation with Belarus


Poland intends to expand cooperation with Belarus

The Polish Sejm intends to expand cooperation with the parliament of Belarus, said Vice-Speaker Ryszard Terlecki said.

Contacts of business circles of both countries are the leitmotif of the meeting of the delegation from Poland with Belarusian MPs.

To strengthen economic relations and political dialogue and develop profitable contracts - all this is possible in the coming years, parliamentarians are convinced.

Boleslav Pirshtuk, deputy chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly:
We have had a fairly stable turnover over the past few years. There is certain growth, despite the difficult economic conditions. We have a fairly active investment policy on the part of Polish partners. Therefore, we see quite a lot of positive aspects that could strengthen our positions.

Belarus and Poland are trying to increase the trade turnover to $4 billion.

In addition, the business elite of Poland trust the investment climate of Belarus more and more. In terms of this indicator, Polish businessmen are in the top 7, and this is hundreds of millions of dollars, which are poured into the Belarusian economy every year.