Belarus-Sudan cooperation sees new prospects in machinery assembling, agriculture and mutual trade

Belarus-Sudan cooperation sees new prospects in machinery assembling, agriculture and mutual trade

New prospects for Belarus and Sudan. The President met with the parliamentary delegation of this country.

The chairman of the Sudanese National Assembly, influential businessmen and key minister are in the delegation. Prospective projects- assembling plants of Belarusian agricultural equipment in Africa, agriculture and mutual trade. Belarus is aiming at their successful realization. The new impulse to cooperation was given by Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to Khartum at the beginninh of 2017.

Those negotiations activated the search of directions for mutually beneficial cooperation. The economic interest of the sides was touched upon, after six month of negotiations; the two sides drew up some projects. Part of them can start functioning today.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
This was the stage of identifying mutual projects and a substantive discussion of the ways of their implementation, which can be considered complete. Now it is very important to start implementing the plans immediately. Belarus is seriously committed to the successful implementation of joint projects with Sudan in these areas. We expect that the leadership of your country has an analogue approach and these plans will be supported by Sudanese parliamentarians. We hope that during you acquaintance with Belarus you will be able to feel the economic, industrial, scientific, cultural potential of our country to its full extent. Dear friends, I am absolutely convinced that your current visit to Minsk will open new prospects for Belarusian-Sudanese cooperation.

One of Sudanese businessmen is an owner of ten plants. Today he had offered to open two assembling plants in Sudan. The Belarusian is ready to expand the line to combine harvesters and dump trucks.

Ibrahim Ahmed Omer, chairman of the National Assembly of the Republic of Sudan:
I would like to send you the greetings of the President of Sudan. He appreciates you highly. Your visit was historic. The meeting on the level of the heads of state laid a basis for further relations. We saw that Belarus is open for constructive cooperation with Sudan. We are also ready to cooperate with Sudan.

Sudan holds the third place in oil refinery. The profits from the black gold are the main source of currency for Khartum. Nevertheless, the country lack electricity. The oil sector is the power of Sudan’s economy; however, more than one third of the GDP is agriculture. Only 15% of the lands in Sudan are watered. It is rather attractive for Belarus.

Vladimir Andreichenko, Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
We have confirmed our intentions- to activate contribute to our governments for the realization of plans on creating joint plants, assembling plants on the territory of Sudan, to the building of houses, industrial facilities, cooperation in the humanitarian sector. All in all, the parliamentarians of Belarus and Sudan are directed at serious cooperation.

As many as 40 million people live in Sudan. Every year the country buys food supplies, medicine, industrial goods. The state programs are directed at development of proper plants.

Abdallah Ali Masar, chairman of the Sudanese National Assembly Committee:
We are in need of such machinery. All the models look very impressing, but buses and dumping trucks caught our eye most of all. They will be beneficial for our country.

Vitaly Goncharik, deputy commercial director of Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ):
We are negotiating over exporting about 50 dumping trucks to Sudan. We are planning to open an assembling plant there in 2017 and in Egypt in September. We are also negotiating with Nigeria on establishing an assembling plant there.

Another attractive direction for mutually beneficial cooperation is using the advantages of economic unions. Sudan is interesting for Belarus as a platform for entering the markets of third countries.

Sudan is interested in Belarus as a participant of the EEU. The issue which was actively being solved today was the problem of mutual settlement. It is a real signal that the issue is taking a real turn for cooperation.