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Belarus President presents state awards to education workers

The President of Belarus has awarded education workers for professionalism and hard work ahead of the new academic year.

Alexander Lukashenko noted that today's meeting is special. Medals, letters of commendation, thanks and titles were awarded to those whose contribution to the development of society cannot be overestimated. Among those present were teachers are innovators, authors of textbooks, kindergarten teachers and university rectors.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The awarding of state awards on the eve of the Day of Knowledge is not only recognition of your personal merits, but also a sign of deep respect for the noble profession of the teacher. Everyone understands the importance of good parenting of children from the first years of life. Therefore, the quality of work of preschool institutions is of great importance. It primarily depends on kindergarten teachers, on their warmth and ability to find a way to each little person's heart. Such people deserve all support and encouragement. State awards will go to teachers of kindergartens in Grodno and Vitebsk, the best teachers of Minsk, regional and district schools and gymnasiums for their labor achievements, high professionalism and loyalty to their vocation. I am sure that they will become a good incentive for you in further, even more successful work.
An important role is played by vocational education (we have already mentioned this). And we have achieved considerable success in the development of our vocational education. The demand for it inside and outside of Belarus is high, which is a kind of quality sign.
The higher school is primarily responsible for the training of qualified specialists for the economy. Many universities successfully introduce innovative teaching methods and become real centers for promoting scientific and technological progress both in the regions and in the capital of Belarus.
On this solemn day, I congratulate you on the well-deserved awards, I wish you long years of life, happiness, prosperity and achievements in this difficult but very honorable work.

Before the solemn ceremony the teachers were given a tour of the Independence Palace - the youngest and one of the most exclusive administrative buildings of Belarus. These halls repeatedly flashed in the news around the world in February 2015, when the Normandy 4 talks on Ukraine were held here.

Belarus President presents state awards to education workers