Belarus, Egypt to continue economy cooperation development

Belarus, Egypt to continue economy cooperation development

The President of Egypt is planning to visit Belarus. It became known following the results of the negotiations in Minsk. Alexander Lukashenko met with the Foreign Minister of Egypt on August 28.

Egypt is the largest economy of Africa, which is closely connected with the EU, the USA and Asia. The new market opens up new perspectives for Belarusian manufacturers. Issues of mutual interest were discussed in Mink today.

This is the first visit of Egypt’s Foreign Minister to Belarus in the 25 years of diplomatic relations. The relations between Belarus and Egypt were not very active before January 2017.

Everything changed after the last official visit of Alexander Lukashenko to Egypt. The business forum where the two leaders met was broadcasted live by the Cairo TV channel.

An assembling plan of “Belarus” tractors was established in the city of Alexandria. A package of documents was signed during the negotiations.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
I remember the las negotiations in Cairo very well with my colleague and the senior officials. It was a very god and, I hope, a successful visit. We agreed on many things with the President of Egypt then, and your visit is very important because it allows to not forget about our agreements. Official visits of parliament representatives, of Belarus to Egypt or Egypt to Belarus, mean a lot in terms of agreements realization, which were reached in January 2017, during the negotiations. It seemed to me that Belarus will be beneficial in that economic growth and development of Egypt. I would once again like to confirm that we will do everything we agreed on. Everything will depend on you, on Egypt. We can start working in Egypt as quickly as you allow us.

Sameh Shoukry, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt:
We admire your efforts on Belarus’ development, stability and good conditions for the progress in the country and the region as whole. We cannot but emphasize your influence on peaceful solution of regional conflicts. It shows your wisdom, understanding of how important peaceful settlement of conflicts is.

The new market opens many possibilities for Belarusian manufacturers. For instance, Egypt satisfies only 40% of the necessities in food supplies in the country. The main profits in Egypt come not from agriculture and not even from tourism, the profits come from the interests charged for the ships going through the Suez Canal.

Vladimir Makei, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
The commodity circulation between Belarus and Egypt significantly decreased last year. However, after President Lukashenko’s visit to Egypt this year, the commodity circulation is increasing. The trade and economic cooperation has increased by 60% this year.

Sameh Shoukry, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt:
The President of Egypt is planning to visit Belarus in the nearest future. The duration of the visit is being brought to line through the diplomatic channels. The requency of visits on the level of Ministries and experts in the last couple of months between Minsk and Cairo is proof of our devotion to develop cooperation in the future.

A road map on the development of cooperation of the two countries for the years to come is planned to be signed during the visit of Egypt’s President to Belarus.