Belarusian surgeons remove tumor from 10-year-old Syrian girl

Belarusian surgeons remove tumor from 10-year-old Syrian girl

The girl flew to Belarus for recovery along with a group of children from Syria. A tumor in one of the girls was discovered by chance, during a medical examination, which all the children were going through.

In agreement with the Syrian side, the young patient was operated at the Children's Oncology Center of the Republic of Belarus.

The rather complicated operation lasted several hours. The condition of the child is now assessed as stable. On August 25, the Minister of Health of Belarus and the Syrian Minister of Labor and Social Affairs visited the girl.

Rima al-Qadiri, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor of Syria:
At first I was afraid to see fear on the girl's face. Seeing her I realized that she was doing well. We see how much she was cared for and that the necessary medical assistance was indeed provided. We are very grateful to Belarus and President Alexander Lukashenko for his attention, his personal support to the Syrian children.

Our friendship is getting stronger and stronger.

I think that the current situation will play a huge role in joint cooperation in the health sector. The girl will feel that she has a Syrian-Belarusian family.

Artur Shimansky, surgeon:
The operation was quite standard. We specialize in tumors of this localization, so we did everything that depended on us. Given the nature of the operation, now the state of the girl is stable; it corresponds to the surgery. She should be fine now.

80 children from Syria flew to Belarus for recovery at the invitation of Alexander Lukashenko. They are staying in children's camps Rodnichok and Zubrenok. During the two-week stay they visited museums, the water park and Belarusian castles.