Sameh Shoukry hails Belarus' efforts aimed at peaceful conflict settlement


Sameh Shoukry hails Belarus' efforts aimed at peaceful conflict settlement

The agreements between Belarus and Egypt, reached at the highest level in January 2017, became one of the topics of the meeting on August 28 in the Palace of Independence.

President Alexander Lukashenko spoke with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry. During the visit of the Belarusian leader to Cairo, the heads of state agreed to cooperate in the economy, humanitarian sphere and security, and promised to support each other in the international arena. Then, following official talks, a package of documents was signed. Today, the countries intend to increase trade turnover and together simplify the terms of mutual trade.

«Мне показалось, что Беларусь будет весьма востребована в том экономическом росте, развитии Египта»

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I remember very well the recent talks in Cairo, in Egypt with my colleague, with senior officials. It was very good and, I hope, a very successful visit. We then agreed on many things with the President of Egypt, and your visit is very important and significant because it allows us not to forget about our agreements. High-level visits by a member of the government, be it Belarus to Egypt, mean a lot in terms of implementing the agreements that we reached then, in January, during those talks.

It seemed to me that Belarus would be in great demand in that economic growth, in the development of Egypt. Once again I want to confirm that we will do everything we agreed on. Everything will depend on you, on Egypt. We can start working in Egypt as quickly as you allow us.

Sameh Shoukry, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt:
We admire your efforts to develop Belarus, to establish stability and favorable conditions for progress both in the state and in the region as a whole. It is necessary to note your influence on the peaceful resolution of regional conflicts. This shows your wisdom, your understanding of how important a peaceful settlement is.

The visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt to Belarus is the first in the history of bilateral relations and is considered as a preparatory stage for the official visit of the President of Egypt to Belarus.