First corn labyrinth appears in Belarus' Kukupolis eco-park

First corn labyrinth appears in Belarus' Kukupolis eco-park

This is Belarus' first unusual labyrinth. Symbolizing a green map of Belarus, the maze takes up an area of ​​2.5 hectares. You will have to try hard to get to Brest or Vitebsk among the corn jungle!

A local goat farm owner Dmitri Krylov once went to the USA and got an idea of a corn labyrinth! Postgraduate student of the Faculty of Economics of BSU Alexander Pozharenko helped Dmitri realize the dream. As a child, he happened to visit a green labyrinth in Germany, and at the competition of entrepreneurial ideas the guy decided to make such a corn sight in his native Belarus. But there was more criticism than compliments.

The maze is created as a model of the landscape map of Belarus. On the map you can see regional centers and the capital Minsk.

Kukupolis maze is an eco-labyrinth, an exam not only for endurance and orientation, but also an opportunity to increase erudition!

At some points inside the maze, participants will see stands with historical information and amazing facts about familiar cities.

To help you out the organizers will give you only a few hints.

After a corn tour, participants can do some archery, enjoy horse walks, try eco-products and even milk a goat! The youngest guests are happy to get acquainted with pets in the contact zoo and go into a simplified labyrinth of straw bales!