Andrei Kobyakov esteems Belarus’ industrial modernization

Andrei Kobyakov esteems Belarus’ industrial modernization

The modernization of industrial plants in Belarus must prove its efficiency. This was stated by Belarus’ Premier, Andrei Kobyakov, when summing up the results of his working visit to the Mogilev region.

The Prime Minister visited a range of large plants of the region.

Technical re-equipment has been carried out at many of the plants; however, the plans haven’t been fulfilled to the full volume just yet. The production at the metallurgical plant is loaded by a bit more than one third. There isn’t such a problem at the carriage works. The manufacturer is to increase the production of carriages by four times in the nearest future.

Andrei Kobyakov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
As for the technologies and mastering the equipment – the first step has been fulfilled. The main thing now is to be competitive in price and the most important thing is not to lose the quality. And to settle the accounts involved in the bank sector.

The measures of state support rendered must be returned step by step.

According to the Prime Minister, the decision to carry out modernization was a right thing for the development. However, it will take hard work to receive the expected result.