Military planes land on Minsk-Mogilev motorway

Military planes land on Minsk-Mogilev motorway

On August 25, 2017 Military planes landed on the Minsk- Mogilev motorway. An-26 was the first one to land, strike aircrafts and battle planes landed afterwards.

The crews performed one of the most difficult elements. In this case pilots work visually, without navigation systems. The M4 turned into an airdrome within the operational and tactical military drills. The exercises were held with the participation of the Russian Air Space Forces.

According to the legend of the drills, the enemy tried to capture the airdrome. The air forces led the object from the rocket attacks. What is more, the soldiers of the two countries mastered the unified system of air defense.

Alexander Karev, Deputy Commander of the Air Force and Air Defense of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
The landing was organic. These pilots were doing the landing for the first time.

We prepare these pilots for such tasks. These pilots are not the same ones, who perfected these elements and then demonstrate them all the time. The practical aim is to qualify new pilots for the performance of such an element as landing on the airdrome part of a motorway. Such drills are carried out regularly. In 2016 the pilots landed planes onto the motorways at night time for the first time.

Such military exercises perfect the skills of pilots and the military efficiency of the Belarusian Air Forces.