Alexander Lukashenko about importance of ice hockey fans


Alexander Lukashenko about importance of ice hockey fans

Alexander Lukashenko gave indications to clearly regulate the issue on financial payments to sportsmen and coaches with a connection to a certain result. This was said by Lukashenko during a meeting with players and coaching staff of the hockey club Dinamo Minsk on August 25, 2017.

Alexander Lukashenko motivates players at a spectacular and resultative ice hockey. This excitable and mass kind of sport is supported on the state level in Belarus. There are many fans of ice hockey in Belarus. Ice arenas are never empty. The team needs to find a common language with one another before the match.

The President is sure that primarily, there should be discipline and important issues should be decided on together. Meanwhile, authority officials and functionaries shouldn’t interfere into the organization issues. This is the principle request of the state.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
We spend quite a lot of money on this kind of sport. Most of the money we spend on the support of Dinamo Minsk ice hockey club. As far as I understand the sponsors of the club and the team Dinamo Minsk are from the private sponsors, who are ready to pay money out of their pockets - it’s nothing. Most of the money belongs to the state. And now we are thinking where to find money to maintain the team, so that we do not have the same situation as we had the previous season, when not everyone got their salaries in time.

Alexander Lukashenko evaluated the results of the team’s matches as well.

The players of Dinamo Minsk ice hockey team did not start the season that well. They were defeated by a Finnish team. It can be all explained: the team was formed not so long ago; the team had no time to show good team work yet. The players felt unconfident on ice, psychological mindset solves many things.

The head coach of Dinamo Minsk is primed to improve the situation.

Gordie Dwyer, head coach of HC Dinamo Minsk:
It is only the beginning of the season. Everything will be better and the aim now is to be participants of the playoff.

There are many veteran players in the team. They give the rhythm and teach others. However, there are young players, for whom it is great experience to play in this team. I hope that they will become true professionals.