Record high rapeseed harvest in Belarus in 2017

Record high rapeseed harvest in Belarus in 2017

A record high harvest of rapeseed has been cropped in Belarus: 620,000 tons of culture, which is three times more than in 2016.

The figure is record high as compared to recent harvests in Belarus. Moreover, rapeseed products are in great demand both domestically and in foreign markets.

At the same time, vegetable oils of Belarusian origin are not inferior in quality to world analogues.

The rapeseed processing plant in Gorodeya exports products to Russia, Norway, Denmark, the UK, the Baltic countries and the CIS.

Piotr Kulik, director of the plant for the production of vegetable oils and meal:
The plant's capacity is designed for processing 180,000 tons of rape. We also process soybean. This is necessary for the republic's agriculture. For us, this is also a good raw material for making a profit.