Belarus President: Education system requires constant improvement

Belarus President: Education system requires constant improvement

The education system requires constant improvement, said The President of Belarus during the Republican Pedagogical Council on August 24.

The main principles of the further development of Belarusian school, the role of the teacher and the ultimate goal of their work... Many important topics have already been touched upon during today's event. It is understandable: the format of the meeting is ‘free microphone'. The President stressed that the main thing for the teacher is to teach and educate, not to engage in paperwork. He also instructed the education ministry to solve the issue of teachers' low salaries.

The future of the country is determined by the education system and the training of personnel. Therefore, in 2017, the head of state takes part in the teachers' council.

Before the beginning of the event, Alexander Lukashenko got acquainted with the exhibition at which the exposition with the achievements of the Belarusian education system is presented. Here he got familiar with new textbooks and curricula. At the very beginning of the plenary session, Alexander Lukashenko indicated that moving forward, one should not abandon good heritage. That is he said one must not break the system but transform and improve it. And now time has come when it is again necessary to make some decisions, that is, the next stage in the progressive development.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The main thing is that we have preserved a positive achievement, inherited from previous generations. Among them are state support, social justice, equal access to education and its decent level. It is these principles that should be guided by when planning further changes in this area.

There are all the possibilities for effective implementation of the plans. The necessary infrastructure of educational and training institutions has been created. There are enough qualified staff working here. The state annually allocates a significant part of the republican budget for education, training and social support of youth. Therefore, we can expect the pedagogical community to achieve relevant results at all levels of the education system. Today we need to discuss each of them.

Why did I decide to hold our pedagogical council at this level now? Because we passed one stage (I named it). Then, improving our education, we have passed a certain second stage, if it is possible to divide it into stages. I saw all the shortcomings, I felt them literally - from preschool education, secondary school, and vocational schools to higher education. Now we have seen the problems that we have not solved yet. That is, we are on the eve of a certain third stage - perhaps, the main stage in terms of improving our education.

And we should consult with you how we will solve those issues that our education faces. That is, we have to take a new step in polishing and improving our education - preschool, school, vocational, and higher education.

In the autumn we will meet with scientists - the top of our education: academicians, doctors, candidates of science - and hold a congress of our scientists, where we will also discuss the training of top-level personnel.