Alexander Lukashenko promises teachers' salary rise

Alexander Lukashenko promises teachers' salary rise

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is taking part in the Republican Pedagogical Council on August 24. Today, the President drew attention to the fact that many teachers are actually loaded with unnecessary work. He also raised the issue of respect for the teaching occupation and increase in teachers' salaries.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Teachers complain about salary. It is low. Next year, the problem should be lifted. Not only because I came to you and decided to say this, no. The teacher and the doctor are the ideological, the moral foundation of our society. There are no parties. Those youth organizations, trade unions, public organizations that exist today... Their foundation is also made up of the teacher and the doctor. Especially local intelligentsia, which works directly with the people. When we need to bring something to the people, we do it through you. You are the main support in the state.

Not everywhere are salaries low, of course. There are also good educational institutions, where people are paid well. I know this personally. But there are so many salary problems in many organizations. We agreed with you (addresses the Education Minister – note by it's your personal responsibility. This question should be removed from the agenda.

Yesterday the participants of the pedagogical council worked in various sections to work out particular decisions. The first day was very productive.

Olga Pischuk, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Methodological Work of the Grodno Regional Institute of Educational Development:
Today here we see representatives from the entire country. Of course, everyone has their ideas and hopes. Everyone has dreams and hopes, plans for the future and promising ideas.

Lyubov Klepchukova, head of the Education, Sports and Tourism Department of the Mozyr District Executive Committee:
I'm very interested in the introduction of information technology into the educational process. Since I came from a district center, I would like children from similar places to still be able to enter the higher educational institutions of Minsk, Grodno, and Vitebsk.