Belarus President on new curricula and school textbooks

Belarus President on new curricula and school textbooks

Alexander Lukashenko is speaking at the Republican Pedagogical Council. There are a lot of questions discussed during the forum: from the fundamental to the everyday ones.

Education at all levels is discussed today - from preschool to university.

Alexander Lukashenko drew attention to the lack of authoring methods of teaching and the development of new curricula and textbooks.

Alexander Lukashenko:
In addition to academicians, major scientists, innovators were involved to writing school textbooks. The effect is stunning. They created these textbooks on the basis of teaching these subjects at school. As soon as it we asked them, the willingly responded and in a short time improved many textbooks. By 2019, by September 1, we will end this process.

I asked a teacher (she wrote Algebra and so on): "Do they pay you for this?" She modestly says: "Well, of course, they pay me." Well, I know that she is paid for that and I must say that it is worth it! Then we will repeat the process that took place in our healthcare system.

Much has been said about vocational education. Of course, the most recently discussed topics are also touched on: the 5- or 10-point grading system, when classes should begin at schools, independent certification, the reduction of the number of universities and a new format for final school examinations. A number of decisions can be adopted in this very room, the President said.