Republican pedagogical council participants discuss development prospects of Belarus’ education system

Republican pedagogical council participants discuss development prospects of Belarus’ education system

The big pedagogical council. The new school year will start very soon and education is becoming one of the most important subjects not only in families, but on the governmental level as well. About 1000 participants gathered at the Republican pedagogical council on August 23.

The improvement of education quality on all the levels and the most pressing issues of today. The present and the future of education will be discussed together with the President on August 24.

The two-day forum began work with sections. Specialists went to the specialized sections. One of them is located in Minsk secondary school. Here specialists discuss digital transformation of the education system.

Why do teachers need cloud technologies? And how will artificial intellect and neuron networks improve the education in Belarus? The electronic document flow is already being implemented. To take registry and record books, for instance. They can be used by more than 2000 Belarusian schools. The internet portal, where one can see progress of a student online, registered 95 thousand visitors a day in May. Some educational establishments decided to refuse paper analogues.

Pangu Yong, general director of a telecommunications company:
The implementation of cloud technologies into the system of education has great importance. It will change our everyday life. A joint information system will be created between schools, teachers and pupils. It will decrease the expenses and increase the efficiency and quality of education.

An electronic cloud is a possibility to collect a lot of beneficial information in one place. Even Wi-Fi in educational establishments allows expanding the possibilities - to move onto a format of a “clever school”. The most topical issues were discussed in every of the sections on August 23.

Anna Alesenko, deputy director of the Center for vocational training of the Republican Institute for Vocational Training:
Of course, any pedagogical council of a republican level is very important, because here we can exchange experience, can see the situation in all of the regions. See the ways of development; see how other teachers look at the system of vocational training and education as a whole.

Mikhail Kuish, director of Brest State College of Communications:

It is the demand of our people. Of course, knowing the market and the necessity in employees in different professional sectors together with the development of the country’s economy, the creation of new professions.

Inna Gubar, head of education, sport and tourism department of Kalinkovichi District Executive Committee:

What am expecting from the Republican pedagogical conference? New ideas, of course, new breakthroughs, positive and productive communication with colleagues.

Vocational education. How to improve the level of it? Professionals need to be prepared in accordance with the necessities of the economy and technologies of the future.

Andrei Sakovich, Vice Rector for Learning and Teaching of Belarusian State University:

A concept of establishing a university of a new type is being realized. A university where there will be an innovative program. We work a lot with the real sector of the economy.

Training of skilled workers was discussed in the Belarusian State Pedagogical University nam
ed after M. Tank.

Alexander Zhuk, Rector of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after M. Tank:

Today we have completely different enrollees. A few years ago shortage of students for certain professions and we had to accept school leavers with low entrance points. This year all the points are higher than 200, 5 specialties had entrance points higher than 310.

In two years’ time schools and educational establishments will get truly professional teachers, who are motivated at his work, who love children and who are ready to work in the new informational and educational environment.

The educational system must develop. The participants of the pedagogical council, specialists and authorities are making suggestions on the system’s improvement. One of the novelties the Ministry of Education is working on is independent certification.

Vadim Bogush, First Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus:

We are also discussing the formation of the independent evaluation of the quality of education. Many pedagogues positively react to it. We are not suggesting establishing an additional institution. We need to understand that is just perfection of what we already have. A range of final exams will take a different form. What form and how – this is the issue of discussion at the breakout sections.

Issues from global approaches to everyday questions were discussed at the sections. The suggestions made will be discussed on August 24 at the plenary meeting. The main task of the pedagogical council is to determine the direction in which the Belarusian education will be moving in the nearest future, to draw up a development plan before 2030. One of the decisions to be made in these two days is adoption of universal secondary education. The President is expected to take part in the second day of the forum.