Belarus' Salihorsk to turn 60 in 2018


Belarus' Salihorsk to turn 60 in 2018

The Soligorsk district central library has been recognized as the best in Belarus. In the contest, it outpaced fifty competitors and won the jury's hearts in a variety of projects.

One of the most famous is The Cultural Code of Soligorsk.

Thanks to it you can now walk along unique routes with the help of your smartphone and learn the most interesting facts from the history of the young town.

Лучшей в Беларуси в 2017 году стала районная библиотека Солигорска

If, after an online excursion, you want to take an offline tour, you can use the services of local guides - school students specially trained for that purpose.

Ekaterina Vavilova, librarian of the Soligorsk District Central Library:
We organize courses for "cultural navigators". We train them. We instill in them love for their small homeland, tell them about the historical past and present of Soligorsk, acquaint with the cultural and architectural, natural sights of the town. In fact, we bring up future ethnographers.

Already today the library is preparing new projects for the 60th anniversary of the town, which will be celebrated in 2018.