First Belarusian electric car presented in Minsk

First Belarusian electric car presented in Minsk

Dynamic and with good acceleration: the first Belarusian electric car was presented on August 22.

It can cover up to 150 kilometers without recharging.

Economical and eco-friendly - so far this is only a sample. In general, however, the car is ready for travel. True, not for the long distances. Four hours of charging is about 100 kilometers. By the way, you can charge the car even at home using a usual outlet.

Olga Korshun, CTV:
Perhaps, one of the main advantages of the electric vehicle is that it's economical. Experts estimated that approximately 100 kilometers of driving on such a car would cost 2-3 rubles. The car moves almost noiselessly. To use it you don't need any special skills.

It took Belarusian developers less than a year to create such a car. Now its maximum speed is 110 kilometers per hour. To accelerate technical progress, our scientists are developing a super-capacitor. Simply put, it's a big energy storage.

Valery Fedosyuk, General Director of the Scientific and Practical Center for Materials Science of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus:
The supercapacitor quickly charges and quickly gives up the capacity. The classic battery charges slowly and slowly gives up its capacity. The best option is when they work in tandem.

This is a bike with a motor wheel. It is removable and fits almost any bicycle, you only need a special key. Using this electric bicycle you can go as far as 60 kilometers.

Developer of motor wheel:
If a person himself rides or slides down, the battery charging mode turns on.

Electric buses, electric cars and motor-wheels are the links of a common energy-efficient chain.

Vladimir Semashko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
We are finishing the construction of the nuclear power plant. In 2019, the first power unit will be launched, and the second one in 2020.

We will have certain surpluses of energy, they must be used somehow.

Therefore, in all respects, it would be useful if we used electric energy.

As early as 2018, a hybrid bus may appear in Minsk, which operates on a similar principle.