Israeli techniques to be used to train Belarus' HTP programmers

Israeli techniques to be used to train Belarus' HTP programmers

The Park of High Technologies may create a special educational center which will train Belarusian programmers according to unique Israeli technologies.

Attracting international investment and long-term capital into the Belarusian IT sector was the main theme of the meeting of the HTP Director Vsevolod Yanchevsky with Eran Lasser, one of the world's best experts in the field of educational training. 70% of the Israeli programmer education market is occupied by the institute he founded. Lasser for a long time held command posts in the famous cyber intelligence of the IDF. The guest highly appreciated the potential of Belarus in technologies and the desire of President Alexander Lukashenko to create an IT country.

Eran Lasser, IT Entrepreneur (Israel):
I am for the first time in Belarus, and, frankly, I am impressed by the people I meet. I admire the initiatives of the government, which I see in the IT sector. Today I met with the director of the HTP, Mr. Yanchevsky. I was pleasantly surprised by his initiative and dedication, and he also has a wonderful team of specialists. You really can turn Belarus into an IT country.

The favorable business climate in the Park of High Technologies allows for the successful promotion of your republic in the global IT market.

Vsevolod Yanchevsky, Director of the Park of High Technologies:
Israel is undoubtedly the world leader in the field of IT and hi-tech. The country that is famous in this respect. And yet this is a very powerful world leader in IT education.

Israel has several absolutely unique technologies for the training of programmers.

And, of course, the fact that today we managed to agree on the creation of an educational center in the High-Tech Park in Belarus, in which our programmers will be trained on these technologies and techniques, is very good news for both the present of the IT and its future.

By the way, Israel is one of the strongest players on the world market of high technologies, primarily thanks to the education system. The country is the first in the world in terms of the number of start-ups per capita (8,000 companies and more than 200,000 professionals).