President Lukashenko holds meeting with officials of Belarus’ economic block

President Lukashenko holds meeting with officials of Belarus’ economic block

As many as six out of seven key indications have been fulfilled. By the end of the year the growth of real peoples’ income must be exceeded. The President held a meeting with the directors of the economic block of Belarus.

The financial report of the parliament is ahead. The social and economic results were summed up on August 22 in the Independence Palace. A budget with a surplus, exchange obligations payments have been fulfilled, what is more, the gold reserves of Belarus have been increased. Nevertheless, Alexander Lukashenko asked some inconvenient questions to the officials about the price growth, salaries and employment.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
How are my indications on price growth and price formation in the country fulfilled? On the one hand, inflation is within lower framework than forecasted - it is good. However, on the other hand, people are complaining that the prices are dancing up in certain cases. Prices on medicine, on some bread products. May be it is not much, but the differences are seen.

Last year we agreed that a new high-productive place must be created instead of a redundant place. However, most of the plant still continues to sack more people rather than employ. That is according to the information I know. What is the matter?

The situation with the closing plants is even more uncertain. Where are the people going to? New working places are being created on paper, but in reality it is real eyewashing.

How do we enter new levels in industries and regions? Isn’t the situation with the income inequity of people getting worse? How did the parliament react to my indications to pay attention to the categories of workers, getting minimum wages – in agriculture, education, healthcare, culture, social support?