Harvesting campaign 2017 coming to end

Harvesting campaign 2017 coming to end

About 90% of the fields have been cleared in Belarus. The total amount of grain harvested today is 7 million tons.

The Gomel and the Brest regions have announced about the end of the harvesting campaign. Other regions have few hectares left. The situation is more difficult with the northern region.

It is necessary to say that the current harvesting campaign was not easy for the agrarians. It began later than usual and there were problems with resources. Therefore, the President had to take the situation under control. He gave indications to finish the campaign by August 20.

The elevators are nearly full with grain at the bread products plants. The last portions of grain from the Minsk region are brought here.

Yuri Ivashkevich, deputy director of Minsk bread products plant:
The pace of the harvesting campaign this year is very good, the weather was good, and therefore, the quality of grain, especially wheat, reached the necessary norms. In my opinion, the bread making quality, when we process the grain or bread products plants, will be ideal as well. And we are happy with the preparation campaign of the current year.

Every lot of grain is under special control in laboratories.

This is this year’s wheat, straight from the field. The quality of it is especially good. It is selected and large. Everything is thanks to the good weather. The last hot days of the summer were beneficial for the agrarians. Specialists promise, that bread will be especially tasty.

The south of Belarus has completed the harvesting campaign; work is still being done in the fields. Only 10% are left to be cleared. Having finished the harvesting campaign, combine harvesters are off to help their neighbors. Private farms are not forgotten as well.

natoly Isachenko, chairman of Minsk Reginal Executive Committee:
The campaign has practically finished, 37 thousand hectares are left.

Every minute is precious. At the weekend the President showed what enthusiasm of an agrarian is. All the services provided work of combines without delays.

Leonid Marinich, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus:
Day and night shifts of specialists were organized at manufacturing plants, Gomselmash. Additional parts were manufactured day and night. There was not a single day, a single hour when we had no fuel.

Vladimir Grakun, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus:
The crop yield is 35.8 hundred kilograms per hectare, which is two hundred kilograms more than in the previous year. We have 213 thousand hectares left to clear. As many as 118 thousand of them are in the Vitebsk region.

The Minsk region is in the lead in grain yield. The farm “Zhdanovichi” near Minsk has a record breaking crop yield of 100 hundred kilograms per hectare. This is European level. Mikhail Saladukha is showing perfect results for not the first year. He harvested our thousand tons this year. And it is not the end.

Mikhail Saladukha, combiner at “Zhdanovichy” collective farm:
You need to love what you do. This is my 20th harvesting campaign as a combiner. You need to go out into the field and not think about some-kind of results, but how you should harvest the bread.

Rape is already being sewn for 2018. The weather today doesn’t allow finishing harvesting grain crops. Despite the rain, the mechanization specialists are in the fields. They catch every possible moment and take care of the future harvest.

Sergei Rzheutsky, head agronomist:
The weather conditions today do not allow finishing the campaign; however, the mechanization specialists are repairing the service machines. Now it is the optimal agrochemical time for sewing rape, what is now being done at “Zhdanovichi” collective farm. The area under winter rape will be 900 hectares. As many as 670 hectares have been sewn already.

Vasily Lipchenya, mechanization specialist:
We take responsibility for what we do, we try hard or everything to be done well.

Belarusian agrarians have harvested 7 million tons of grain in total. The agrarians; are promising to finish the harvesting campaign in a few days’ time.