Belarusian seismologists sign major contracts with Ukrainian companies

Belarusian seismologists sign major contracts with Ukrainian companies

By the end of this week Belorusneft will move its equipment and personnel to the Poltava region of Ukraine, where gas exploration is planned.

The volume of seismic data acquisition works by the Belorusneft company will reach a record value in 2017. Search for new oil fields is planned over an area of ​​about 300km2. This is the highest figure over the past 10 years.

Piotr Povzhik, Deputy General Director for Geology, Belorusneft:
In recent years, we have been investing heavily in exploration and seismic surveys. We increased the volume by four times.

In 2016, Belorusneft was named the best seismic survey company of the Republic of Ecuador. This is a very good indicator of both quality and modern technologies we use in our businesses. Plus we have a very good reputation in Venezuela, and the Russian Federation, according to our research. At the moment, we completed the technical and technological audit by Ukrainian partners.

The increase in exploration costs is the only way to maintain a stable level of oil production in Belarus: for the first time in recent years, the production of black gold in 2017 will increase to 1.65 million tons.